Healing through yoga: My secret soul remedy

​​Once a while we all experience strong emotional pressure, loss, or suffering.Several years ago I clearly felt how throughout my life my emotional suffering almost immediately appeared on my physical body as blocks, tensions, high body temperature, etc. In 2014 found an interesting theory called “Tension Myositis Syndrome” (TMS) given by John Sarno that explained everything I knew based on my sensations. Unconscious emotional issues initiate a process that causes physical pain and other symptoms. Unconscious mind uses the autonomic nervous system to decreases blood flow to muscles, nerves or tendons, resulting in oxygen deprivation, experienced as pain in the affected tissues.Traditional Eastern Medicine and philosophy along with modern medicine believes that we "store" our emotions. And I truly believe and support this because I experience this. When I am emotionally broken I understand that if I keep sinking into these destructive emotional swamp my body will pay the "bill" for that.

That is why I cure myself with... SWEAT. I move. I postpone everything I can and dive into movement. Do YOGA.

Three classes in a row yesterday turned off my mumbling brain, brought me to the mat, to my body, to my breath. At some point I could literally feel how I breath out my sorrow, how I squeeze out sadness out of my liver and kidneys in twists and hurt out of my hips, how I ignite my inner power in enormously lunges and warriors and how my unspoken tears left my body with the sweat.

Today I am fully recovered. In 24 hours.

The point of this is to come back to present moment, come out of the endless conversation with my mind, be present instead of revisiting past and predicting future based on fears. Physicality linked to deep breathing helps to become present so quickly!

If one day you feel below the line then grab your mat and do yoga. Do it as a remedy. Or move in any other way you love but make sure that activity makes your hips, shoulders and spine move in all directions of mobility and you can breathe deeply through your nose.

Stay loved, energized and happy!

Delivered to you by triple sweated no makeup yogi :)

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