In SolarYou, we suggest individual private, group and corporate classes. Reach us if you are interested in yoga classes for you, your friends and family or company!


Excellent combination of strength, endurance, flexibility and flow linked with a breath tones up your muscles, calms down your mind and empowers your spirit. 

Classes are adjusted to level of the class. Students work on their body balance using power of deep breath and focused gazing. Yoga philosophy are added to the class themes to deepen yoga understanding.

Each class complimented with breathing practices and restorative poses to gain balance between strength and ease. 

Meditation Class


Yin Yoga increases flexibility of your body due to deep connective tissues stretch. Series is linked to major body organs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (kidneys, heart, large and small intestines, liver and lungs). Each class stimulates predefined body organs and is accompanied with basic mudras and breathing. Each Yin Yoga class is a perfect chance to switch to parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest”) that helps produce a state of equilibrium in the body.

Meditation Class


Celebrate the end of the 2019 through movement!

Holiday season is sweet, fulfilling and challenging at the same time. Boost your energy, rejuvenate and detoxify your body, tone your muscles, calm down your mind and embark the end of the year by empowering power yoga classes combined with restorative block!

Meditation Class